It’s A Simple Review Of “Underwater”

It’s A Simple Review Of “Underwater”

During this time, I have always admired survival films with several figures who then fell one by one. It’s because “Underwater” is one of these films, this film has its own plus points for me. As a film, actually there is nothing really wrong with Underwater, it’s just that, there are some things that I feel are a bit lacking in the heart. If you are curious about it, you can watch this film on 123movies.

If most survival films of this type have a very twisty plot, unfortunately, Underwater is not the case. So, if you have watched a lot of survival films, it looks like the flow of this film will feel very ordinary. Underwater has no twists and turns.

Furthermore, as we know, the characters in survival films usually have personalities, even past backgrounds whose differences tend to be extreme with each other. So, usually, we can see how these different characters respond to a certain phenomenon that threatens their lives.

In Underwater, the majority of leaders do not have strong characters. Only one iconic figure, namely Paul, is unique. This figure is described as saying strange things and always carrying a rabbit doll wherever he goes. Interestingly again, there are three references to the legendary novel Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1865) “presented” by Paul.

First, through his dialogue when describing Alice in the novel who cried until the tears dammed, followed by Paul’s explanation of Alice who can swim, but after that things happened that made it difficult for Alice.

The second reference comes through Paul’s oxygen tank written “we’re all mad here”, where the sentence is spoken by the Cheshire Cat (a mysterious cat character that can disappear) when Alice is (and of course always) lost in Wonderland. The last reference is the rabbit doll Paul brings everywhere, of course, all are familiar with the classic “follow the white rabbit” term, right? I personally do not know whether all of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’s references are only complementary to the character background or are there any other reasons?

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