It’s My Review Of “Hustlers”

It’s My Review Of “Hustlers”

Inspired by a true story, the film Hustlers (2019) tells the story of a group of female dancers in a nightclub who are trying to drain purses from rich men who are loyal visitors to the club where they work. Directed by Lorene Scafaria (Coherence, The Meddler), Hustlers stars big names such as Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, and Lili Reinhart. You can watch their performance in this film by streaming it on 123 movies.

Executed in a flashback style from the perspective of Destiny (Wu), Hustlers began when Destiny worked at the striptease club in 2007, meeting with Ramona (Lopez) until finally, they joined forces for the mission to make as much money as possible. Throughout the film, we will watch their journey in finding victims from among wealthy men, especially the Wall Street brokers.

Conflicts and dynamics between characters in this film are quite interesting because there are elements such as the 2008 American economic crisis or members of the striptease dancers involved in the story, expanding the landscape of Hustlers so that it becomes a comedy-drama with a touch of thriller. With the background of the director Lorene Scafaria who has also directed three episodes in the New Girl series (2011), the dynamics in a group of New Yorkers feel strong and accurate.

This film is a special event especially for Jennifer Lopez (50), who despite being born in 1969 still looks very charming when sharing scenes with Lili Reinhart who was born in 1996. And for Constance Wu, this film is the next major featured film after, of course, Crazy Rich Asians.

Meanwhile, we will look back at Julia Stiles, who started her career kick start with the legendary romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About You (1998) on the big screen as well as a special service that was presented by Hustlers.

An interesting trivia revealed was that Hollywood life legend Martin Scorsese was once offered to direct Hustlers, before finally refocusing on his latest film The Irishman.

Of course, you should not bring your child if he is not yet 21 years old. With an adult rating, Hustlers displays many adult scenes and languages that require censorship everywhere. Hustlers are certainly highly recommended to be one of your viewing choices on weekends.

Furthermore, it will be a fun movie that you can watch with friends, due to the plot twists and characters of this movie can induce some surprises, laughs, and even some drop of tears.

That’s it for the review of “Hustlers” that we can share with you in this article. We hope it helps you decide whether it’s worth your time to watch it or not.